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How Much Does My Laundry Weigh?

December 12, 2021

Large And Xl Laundry Bags Stainless Washers

Many first-time customers have a very basic question, how much do my clothes weigh.  While there is not a one size fits all answer, there are some trends that we have seen with our customers.  For an individual customer that may have a typical one week’s worth of laundry, the average is between 15-20 pounds.  For families, due to smaller children’s clothes weighing significantly less than adults, a family of four averages between 30-40 pounds. Some items that affect the overall weight the number of times the linens are changed weekly in the household, as well that the number of bath and hand towels used during the week.

For many first-time customers, the uncertainty of how much it weighs creates concern, and once understood, creates lifetime customers.  Let Columbus Express Laundry take the time spent on chores and turn it into creating memories.    

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Clothes Basket1

Individual's laundry basket with one week of laundry- totaling 15 pounds.

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