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Laundry Facts

March 29, 2023

How Much Does a Laundry Service Cost?

The cost of laundry service can vary depending on a number of factors such as location, type of laundry service, amount of laundry, and other related services.

Large And Xl Laundry Bags Stainless Washers

Laundry Facts

December 12, 2021

How Much Does My Laundry Weigh?

Our customers ask a basic and important question, how do I know how much my laundry weighs? Some general rules so that you will know what to expect.

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Laundry Facts

May 11, 2021

Did you know you should always wash new clothes before you wear them?

New clothes often have a small amount of dye resting on the surface that was not absorbed during the dyeing process. If you do not wash the item before you wear it, that loose dye could transfer onto your skin or other clothes.