Dryer Machines With Folding Table

Some of our customers ask us to wash and dry their clothes. They are willing to fold the clothing themselves, but do not want to spend the time in the laundromat waiting for washing machines and dryers to complete. This wash and dry combo has us placing your clothes in a bag for you to take home and fold. This process of wash and dry laundry started during Covid when people wanted to avoid spending time in the laundromat.

We use Tide with a Downy Softener, and Dryer Sheets. Your clothes will be washed with the best products. We charge $1.60 for next day, and $2.50 for same day service with a 15 pound minimum.

Or, if you choose, we do wash dry fold near Whitehall. When you pick up your clothes, they will be beautifully folded if you choose this service.